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I am a creative story-teller at heart. Stories come in many different forms and can be told using many different mediums. I strive to be excellent in all mediums in order to tell the story that needs to be told in the way it deserves. Sometimes I do it by myself, but more often than not it is through collaboration with other artists. Art makes the world go round, but collaboration makes it spin faster so I try to spend as much time as possible doing that.

Currently I am a freelance live event professional as well as a freelance visual effects artist. I specialize in lighting and stage design and come alongside organizations looking to put together an event to make it look as stunning as possible. In addition to that, I work with a visual effects company to complete required effects for Film and Television shows. These can include anything from removing unwanted elements from shots, to tracking and replacing screens.

Previously I was the Techincal Director at the Academy Center for the Arts in Lynchburg, Vriginia. I made sure all of the technical elements were perfectly executed for each event in two separate venues. These venues were the warehouse, a blackbox theatre that holds 400+ people and the Academy of Music’s Historic Theatre. A theatre first built in 1905 that was recently renovated back to it’s original glory. This theatre held over 800 people and included state of the art technology in which I helped install and organize.

Before that, I was the Lighting and Stage Designer at Fellowship Bible Church in Central Arkansas. Fellowship is a multi-venue and multi-campus church, which afforded me the opportunity to design for 9 different venues across 3 cities. As the only lighting person on staff, I was tasked with maintaining the theatrical lighting systems for each of the 9 spaces, ranging from 50 – 1400 seats. This has made me extremely organized, as it is easy to get things mixed up when juggling so many projects. As the stage designer, I was tasked with not only coming up with the designs but implementing them as well, giving me experience managing small crews in the construction phase. I was also one of the key creatives on a staff of over 100 people.

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